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Ultrasonic Welding: The Plastics Edition

Swiss Household Plug and Socket System Deviation per SN 441011

Argentina, Australia, and China Standard 10A/250V Plugs & Sockets Have Similar Features, But What are Some Critical Differences?

North American & Japanese Electric Plug Difference

Importance of Knowing the Recommended Minimum Bend Radius for Cable

Hospital-Grade Cords—Fighting the Good Fight

Design Strategies with Fuses

New Product Designs

Calculating Voltage Drop for Safety and Performance

Designing for Compliance

Accessory Power: Making Product Exporting a Cost-effective Reality

Interpower Ultrasonic Welding: The “Sonic” That Keeps on Booming

The UL 94 Standard for Safety—Testing the Flammability of Plastics

Part II RoHS: Interpower's Commitment to Compliance in Europe

UL 60320/817 Requirement Changes Approach May 2021 Effective Date

Many Names, Many Applications: The High Potential Voltage (Hipot) Test

Part I. RoHS: Interpower's Commitment to Compliance in Europe

Torqued and Tested

Hospital-Grade Plugs: The Other Hotlines in Times of Crises

Strain Reliefs/Cable Glands: Providing Protection to Power Cords

Selecting Between a Circuit Breaker and a Fuse

New Product Designs Can Benefit a Company

Doing Business in a Global Market

New Products: Designing for Compliance

Accessory Power Systems Add Marketability and Versatility

Product Development Testing is Crucial

IEC 60320 Components Have Global Advantages

Selecting Wire and Cable to Meet NFPA 79 Requirements—A Brief Overview

GFCI Sockets Contribute to User Safety

Defining IP 65 and NEMA 12/4 Enclosure Ratings

Choosing a Power Cord or Cord Set

Importance of Knowing the Recommended Minimum Bend Radius for Cable

Safe Connections with NEMA Plugs and Sockets

Reading and Printing a Safety Approval Document

Creating Made-to-Order Assemblies

Switches: Markings, Types, and Safety Considerations

Protecting Global Electrical Connections with Metric Strain Reliefs/Cable Glands

Hospital-Grade Products Quiz

Simplifying the Power Entry Element into a Single Unit

Socket Strip Definitions

Importance of Testing During the Design Phase

Designing with Accessory Power Components

Designing with IEC 60320 Components

Safety Sense with Cords

Affixing the CE Marking on Products

Designing with Angled NEMA Plugs

NEW Saudi Product Safety Program Being Implemented

Interpower's Commitment to Environmental Responsibility with the EU RoHS Directive

Power System Components Quiz

Heat Shrink Tubing: When Extra Protection is Needed

Characteristics of Fuses for North American and Global Uses

Circuit Protection Definitions

Helping to Protect the Electrical Connection with a Strain Relief/Cable Gland

Know Global Medical Requirements and Recommendations

Know the North American Hospital-Grade Plug Requirements

Test Your Knowledge on Power Entry Modules

The Value of a Socket Strip

The Importance of Validation Testing During Product Design

Testing New Product Designs for Global Markets

Adding Marketability with Accessory Power Distribution Systems

IEC 60320 Correct Component Applications

Measurements and Standard Tolerances for Power Cords and Cord Sets

Guidance on Company-Specific Cable Specifications

Determining the Correct Plug Pattern in a Global Market

Ferrules Can Be Used for Better Electrical Connections

Incorporating Ferrites in Electrical Product Designs

Medical Design. Quality. Safety.

Designing with a Rocker Switch

Design Strategies with Fuses

Designing with Circuit Protection

Ingress Protection—Classifying the Degrees of Protection

Quality Goal: Ensure that Every Product is Safe

Simplifying the Power Entry Element with a Module

The Significance of Product Testing During Product Design

The Value of Calculating Voltage Drop

Cable Market and Safety Agency Strategy

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