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Posted on 10/17/23 9:00 AM

Passports to Global Markets Designing an accessory power system using IEC 60320 components eliminates the need for end users worldwide to reconfigure cords once they arrive. By creating a common interface, IEC 60320 products create a common connector interface making it possible for entire designs to be built around them. Like having a passport at the ready for traveling abroad, IEC 60320 products complement any country-specific plug if the opposite end of the cord is terminated with an IEC connector to plug into an accessory power strip or a power distribution unit. It also allows the option of not having to warehouse country-specific plugs.

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Topics: product design, designing for export, IEC 60320

UL 60320/817 Requirement Changes Approach May 2021 Effective Date

Posted on 5/11/20 12:00 PM

60320-3 A little over a year ago, UL announced Certification Requirement Changes in a Revision/Edition published for 60320-3, Appliance Couplers for Household and Similar General Purposes—Part 3: Standard Sheets and Gauges on 02/15/2019. These have an Effective Date of 05/12/2021 and may be applicable to your products.

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Topics: product design, IEC 60320, testing agencies, UL

Accessory Power Systems Add Marketability and Versatility

Posted on 12/16/19 8:14 AM

Accessory power systems add marketability and versatility to an electrical product. By focusing on power connections from a central system to the peripheral equipment, only one primary connection is needed.

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Topics: designing for export, IEC 60320, Accessory Power, Accessory Power System

IEC 60320 Components Have Global Advantages

Posted on 11/18/19 5:07 PM

Advantages of IEC 60320 components: they can be used globally, plus they can be included in many different electrical products.

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Topics: product design, designing for export, IEC 60320

Designing with Accessory Power Components

Posted on 4/22/19 8:13 AM

One way to design electrical products for use in global markets is to incorporate accessory power distribution components. Those based on the IEC 60320 standards can help make it so no reconfiguration will be needed by the end user.

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Topics: product design, designing for export, IEC 60320, IEC 60320 inlets, IEC 60320 outlets

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