IEC 60320 Correct Component Applications

Posted on 7/30/18 10:23 AM

Incorporating IEC 60320 components in electrical product designs can be advantageous when exporting to global markets because they are generally accepted worldwide.

IEC 60320 is a set of standards from the International Electrotechnical Commission which specifies components for the connection of power supply cords to electrical equipment up to 250V.

The following diagram shows how a cord set and a jumper cord set can be used with IEC 60320 components.


Product Design for Global Markets with IEC 60320 Components

An IEC 60320 connector and inlet, also known as an appliance coupler, allows manufacturers to make one product that can be used in many different markets, by only having to change the cord set. Appliance couplers are primarily used for incoming power to a system.

One of the most common methods of connecting a detachable cord set to an electrical or electronic piece of equipment is by incorporating a power inlet into the product design. By designing with an inlet, the manufacturer can attach a country-specific cord set (a country-specific plug on one end with an IEC 60320 connector on the other end) just prior to shipment. This allows the equipment manufacturer to create one product for sale worldwide.

If accessory power needs to be supplied from one piece of equipment or appliance to another, then an interconnection appliance coupler, which is a plug connector and an outlet, may be used. These couplers are primarily used for outgoing power from a system.

Additional Resources

For a complete list of the IEC 60320 connectors, inlets, plug connectors, and outlets, see the Interpower IEC 60320 Appliance and Interconnection Couplers chart.

See the complete line of IEC 60320 products available at Interpower. See also the Featured Product page.

Interpower offers free technical support. For further assistance, please see Interpower’s contact information below.

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