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To “B” or not to “B” . . . Crimping Flexible Power Cords

Posted on 6/27/24 2:37 PM

By automation or manually by hand, Interpower® crimps bridges for country-specific plugs, and IEC 60320 connectors onto miles of flexible cable it manufactures each year. For cord sets, the optimal crimp is one that provides the most electrical contact between the conductors of stranded wire and its bridge or connector—the B crimp provides optimal electrical contact for flexible cable.

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Topics: product design, testing, manufacturing, crimps

An Overview of Interpower Testing

Posted on 4/22/24 9:57 AM

Whether customized cord sets or electrical components for global industries, Interpower’s cords and cord sets are continually tested beyond UL and IEC standards.

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Topics: testing, designing for export, safety, compliance standards, USA Made Products

Interpower’s Plug and Socket Tester

Posted on 10/18/21 11:49 AM

Bunkered deep inside Interpower’s testing facility in Ames, Iowa, is an array of testing apparatus for the testing of electrical cable and components to push both newly manufactured and warehoused cable, cords, and components (and prototypes) to extreme limits, often well beyond UL and IEC standards for product compliance.

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Topics: electrical safety, testing, designing for export, plugs & sockets, product development

Swiss Household Plug and Socket System Deviation per SN 441011

Posted on 11/10/20 3:49 PM

The new Swiss standard series SN 441011 for plugs and socket-outlets for household and similar purposes has been applicable since March 1, 2019, and replaces the previous standard SN SEV 1011. The manufacture and import of products and appliances incorporating plugs and socket-outlets that are regulated by the previous standard SN SEV 1011 will remain permitted until February 28, 2022.

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Topics: electrical safety, cord set, testing, Swiss plug

Hospital-Grade Cords—Fighting the Good Fight

Posted on 9/14/20 4:46 PM

Whether it’s a hospital in a city or a clinic in a small town, reliable power is critical to medical facility patients, families and staff. Interpower Hospital-grade plugs can be molded or hand-wired in several colors. The color of choice for many hospitals and clinics, however, is the clear, see-through Interpower hospital plug. The clear plug allows medical staff to see if plug wiring and other components remain intact.

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Topics: product design, testing, hospital-grade cords

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