Made-to-Order Assemblies

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A made-to-order (MTO) assembly is a product created per customer specifications, whereas a stock item is manufactured from predetermined specifications and placed in inventory.

When designing a new product, often a made-to-order assembly is needed to fit the new product specifications. If the product will be exported, it is essential to know the standards and requirements of the country for which it is destined.

Made-to-Order Assembly Choices    

Made-to-order assemblies may come in a variety of cable lengths and colors as well as different kinds of plugs. They may also incorporate a variety of accessories.




Cable is available in different colors and can be cut into continuous or separate lengths.

Power Cords and Cord Sets



When exporting products to multiple markets, power cords with different plug patterns may be required—plug and connector options are often determined by country-specific standards.



Made-to-order assembly options include ferrules, ferrites, heat-shrink tubing, and cable terminations.


A ferrule is an internal component used for better electrical contact in applications where bare strands may spread and cause issues. Ferrules come in two styles—insulated and uninsulated. The insulated version helps eliminate arcing in the assembly and is added to the “top” of the ferrule.

 Uninsulated Ferrule  Insulated Ferrule  Double-Wire Insulated Ferrule
82031120_1.5  82031260_6 82031510_10 DBL ferrule 



Ferrites are beads that reduce or prevent electromagnetic inference (EMI) from a device or to a device.

Heat Shrink Tubing


A shrinkable plastic tube is used to insulate wires while providing abrasion resistance and environmental protection for strained and solid wire conductors, connections, and terminals.

Cable Terminations

Cable terminations come in a variety of configurations: three bare wires; two bare wires with one ring terminal; two bare wires with one spade terminal; three ultrasonic welds; two ultrasonic welds with one ring terminal; three wires fitted with crimped ferrules; and three bare wires fitted with straight-style quick disconnects.

Screen Shot 2019-07-26 at 12.32.58 PM


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