Accessory Power Systems Add Marketability and Versatility

Posted on 12/16/19 8:14 AM

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Accessory power systems add marketability and versatility to an electrical product. By focusing on power connections from a central system to the peripheral equipment, only one primary connection is needed.

Making a Product More Marketable

With a variety of different plug/socket patterns used around the world, exporting to global markets may seem unapproachable or too expensive to pursue. By using an accessory power system, only one cord set is plugged into the main power source and the rest of the devices are supplied with power through jumper cord sets connected to a specialized socket strip.

The accessory power system allows a designer to build a product that can simplify and organize a rack and/or multiple equipment units. Such a system can be beneficial when the main power system is controlled by the accessory power strip, when there is not sufficient panel space, or when an overall power control needs to be added to coordinate different pieces of equipment.

The accessory power system makes it easier to build for worldwide markets as it helps a company offer products that are more easily adapted to the needs of global markets—without requiring reconfiguration by the user. It also gives a company the ability to offer a product that can be used in many different countries because it eliminates the need to have all of the different kinds of plugs available or inventoried somewhere in a warehouse—which can also result in a cost-saving benefit.

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With the accessory power system, different components work together in one system. Instead of having to make four different systems to export to four different countries, a company can design one system and then add a cord set with a country-specific plug. This allows the same system to be exported globally.

Part of the versatility of this system is due to IEC 60320 interconnection components being included. Generally accepted worldwide, IEC 60320 components are a common connector interface which simplify the task of specifying a connector to use on a cord set. They provide a framework to work from for product design and testing. They also help to prevent improper connections by their design configurations and provide a uniform connector for similar voltages, thus ensuring a safe connection.

New Market Opportunities

Using this kind of system is especially advantageous in the following areas: information technology, medical, dental, ophthalmological, test and measurement, industrial, and food production.

They are also beneficial in places such as malls and airport kiosks where space is at a premium. In these places, numerous electrical devices need power but have limited outlet access. An accessory power system can power the required devices. Another example is with a computer setup that has a variety of components, such as a monitor, CPU, keyboard, and printer.

Interpower Accessory Power Options

Accessory power options at Interpower include the Accessory Power Strip (APS) and the Power Distribution Unit (PDU). These allow equipment to be built with different components working together in one system.

The APS is a socket strip that provides multiple power outlets for connecting all of the pieces of equipment to a single source of electrical power.

The PDU is a socket strip using IEC 60320 components in a case enclosure that is larger than an APS. It fits into a 19-inch rack.

Both the APS and the PDU can be utilized wherever power needs to be supplied to multiple units of equipment.

Additional Resources

See the complete line of Accessory Power Strips and Power Distribution Units available at Interpower. See also the APS and PDU highlighted on the Featured Product page.

Interpower offers free technical support. For further assistance, please see Interpower’s contact information below.

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