UL 60320/817 Requirement Changes Approach May 2021 Effective Date

Posted on 5/11/20 12:00 PM



A little over a year ago, UL announced Certification Requirement Changes in a Revision/Edition published for 60320-3, Appliance Couplers for Household and Similar General Purposes—Part 3: Standard Sheets and Gauges on 02/15/2019. These have an Effective Date of 05/12/2021 and may be applicable to your products.

UL will provide status updates with any actions to maintain your UL certified products by 12/09/2020. Any products required to be re-evaluated must be submitted by 02/01/2021 in order to determine compliance by the above Effective Date.

If manufacturers prefer to view the summary of requirement changes and Effective Date information online, they can go to The UL search function allows manufacturers to key in their search by the Standard Number, Announcement Date, or Effective Date. For further questions, the UL prefers manufacturers to contact their local offices via

IEC 60320-1/ UL 817

All Cord Set and Power Supply Cords employing IEC 60320-1 configurations that are affixed to flexible cord or cable, and covered under UL 817 and/or CSA C22.2 No. 21 UL Certification File, will need to comply with UL 60320-1 by the Effective Date of 5/12/2021. However, rewirable plugs and connectors (e.g., panel mount devices) are not covered under this date—only nonrewirable products such as molded plugs.

Manufacturers should carefully review their products to the new UL 60320-1 requirements. There are significant changes including dimensional requirements and electrical and mechanical performance testing requirements that must meet compliance by the Effective Date.

Manufacturers producing Cord Sets and Power Supply Cords using these fittings are encouraged to submit their devices for evaluation to UL 60320-1 as soon as possible to maintain uninterrupted UL Certification status. UL anticipates that a significant number of products will be submitted by UL 817 Manufacturers for evaluation under this Industry File Review.

Summary: All New Edition UL 60320-3 first edition is similar to UL 60320-1 second edition except standard sheets (dimensional configurations) and test gauges appearing in the UL 60320-1 second edition have been relocated to this new Standard (UL 60320-3) first edition. Devices that have been found to comply with the UL 60320-1 second edition are deemed to comply with the UL 60320-3 first edition.

IEC 60320 Appliance and Interconnection Couplers Chart

Sometimes a visual aid, such as a chart or diagram, helps to explain each part. For a complete list of IEC 60320 connectors, inlets, plug connectors, and outlets, see the Interpower IEC 60320 Appliance and Interconnection Couplers chart.

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