Accessory Power: Key Systems for Power Integration & Exportation

Posted on 1/31/22 1:08 PM


With numerous country-specific configurations of plug and socket patterns being used worldwide, the prospect of exporting overseas may seem daunting. Accessory Power Systems are electrical passports to global markets, offering end users the versatility of connecting to country-specific power by using just one country-specific plug on a cord set, which is rated per the standards of the agency representing that country. country-specific-cords-300x250

Accessory Power Strips & Power Distribution Units

While the country-specific mains power plug connects to the mains power wall socket, the opposite end, which terminates in an IEC 60320 connector, is then plugged into the inlet of the Accessory Power Strip (APS) or the Power Distribution Unit (PDU). Now, using IEC jumper cords, connection to an array of equipment or devices is accomplished by plugging into the multiple outlets along the APS or PDU. Interpower Jumper cords have currents and voltages ranging from 2.5A-20A/125VAC-250VAC.

Accessory power systems bypass the need for end users to reconfigure their newly arrived cords. Also, it reduces inventories of country-specific cord sets or plugs, creating a cost-savings benefit from not having to warehouse shelves of country-specific plugs or cord sets. IEC 60320 components create a common connector interface making it possible for entire designs to be built around them.

W-O APS Jumper and Cordset-800x524

The APS and PDU is especially beneficial when there’s insufficient panel space to power up equipment, and where wall outlets are at a minimum. Even if your office or production facility has an array of wall outlets and longer cords to reach them, those longer cords will cause more EMI (more conductor length, more interference), and you may wind up with a cat’s cradle of wires to trip over. Any power cord longer than 50 feet becomes derated, and potentially becomes a fire hazard as electrons push harder through the impedance to get to where they’re going.

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For more information on Accessory Power Systems, see the complete line of Accessory Power Strips and Power Distribution Units available at Interpower. See also the APS and PDU highlighted on the Featured Product page.

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