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Safe Connections with NEMA Plugs and Sockets

Posted on 8/26/19 8:06 AM

The configurations on NEMA plugs and sockets are designed to assist in keeping electrical connections safe.

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Topics: Designing for North America, safety, NEMA plugs, NEMA Sockets

Designing with Angled NEMA Plugs

Posted on 2/25/19 4:16 PM

Limited space between electrical or electronic equipment and the power connection can make the direction of the cord critical. An angled plug can minimize the space between the two. Different angles of plugs allow choices as to how a cord can be plugged into a power source.

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Topics: product design, Designing for North America, Angled Plugs, NEMA

Know the North American Hospital-Grade Plug Requirements

Posted on 10/22/18 5:03 PM

Safety. Knowledge. Quality. Patient safety and knowledge of the appropriate standards are essential in the product design of hospital-grade products—because every day is critical in a medical setting.

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Topics: product design, Hospital-Grade Products, Designing for North America, hospital-grade cords

Medical Design. Quality. Safety.

Posted on 5/7/18 11:39 AM

Every day can be critical in a medical setting. Because one of the most important elements is safety, it is crucial to design hospital-grade products with quality components.

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Topics: testing, Hospital-Grade Products, Designing for North America

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