Measurements and Standard Tolerances for Power Cords and Cord Sets

Posted on 7/19/18 12:23 PM


Using a Standard Method of Measurement for Cords

Depending on the application, cable length in a power cord or cord set is a choice for the designer. Interpower offers standard length power cords and cord sets, as well as specialized lengths. When measuring all power cords and cord sets, Interpower uses a standard method of measurement. 

When manufacturing power cords and cord sets, Interpower follows North American and international standards, along with minimum and maximum lengths per country regulations and/or standards. It should be noted that there are application limits that need to be considered. For example, cords over 50 feet in the United States and Canada will have the amperage rating derated. For international applications, the derating depends on the application and the cable used in the assembly.

Interpower measures its cord sets from the face of the connector to the face of the plug, not including the pins. Interpower uses this method for all cord sets.




When using a hooded male plug, the measurement will be from the edge of the shroud.




Interpower measures its power cords from the face of the connector or plug, not including the pins, to the end of the cable. Interpower uses this method for all power cords.




The Interpower standard tolerances include the following:

Length   Standard Tolerance
 0-2.99 ft. (0 - 913 mm) +/- 1 in. (25mm)
3-5.99 ft. (914 - 1827mm) +/- 2 in. (51mm)
6-11.99 ft. (1828 - 3656 mm) +/- 3 in. (76mm)
12-19.99 ft. (3657 - 6095 mm) +/- 4 in. (102mm)
20–49.9 ft. (6096–15210 mm) +/- 6 in (152mm)
50+ (15240+ mm) +/- 12 in. (305mm)

Additional Resources

For more information on power cords and cord sets, see the Featured Product page. For information on the cord set configurations allowed, see the International Cord Set Configurations chart  and the North American Cord Set Configurations chart. To assist in determining cord specifications per a specific country or region, see North American Power Cords and Cord Sets and International Power Cords and Cord Sets. To identify which plug patterns are used in specific countries, see the Guide to Worldwide Plug/Socket Patterns & Power Mains (Single-Phase).

Interpower offers free technical support. For further assistance, please see Interpower’s contact information below.

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