IEC 60320 Components Have Global Advantages

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Advantages of IEC 60320 components: they can be used globally, plus they can be included in many different  electrical products.

IEC 60320 is a set of standards from the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) specifying components for the connection of power supply cords to electrical equipment up to 250V. Because of the various products that IEC 60320 components can be incorporated into, it is helpful to know what is available and what the purpose is for each one. Below are definitions for an IEC 60320 connector, inlet, plug connector, and outlet.

IEC 60320 Connector and Inlet

A connector is the outlet power end of a cord providing power to the equipment through connection to an inlet.

An inlet is the input power connection on equipment. An inlet is the connection device that provides access for electricity to enter the equipment.

An appliance coupler is the combination of a connector and an inlet that enables the connection and disconnection from the equipment. A connector and inlet allow manufacturers to make one product that can be used in many different markets, by only having to change the cord set. Each type of connector and inlet is identified by the letter “C” followed by a number, where the number of the appliance inlet is one higher than the number for the corresponding connector.

The most commonly used IEC 60320 connectors and inlets at Interpower are: C5 and C6, C7 and C8, C13 and C14, C15 and C16, C17 and C18, C19 and C20.

IEC 60320 Plug Connector and Outlet

A plug connector is the input end of a jumper cord for connecting additional equipment to power through a connection to an outlet.

An outlet is the power connection device on equipment that provides power to other equipment through a plug connector.

An interconnection appliance coupler is the combination of a plug connector and an outlet that enables the connection and disconnection of equipment to a cord leading to other equipment. It provides power from one equipment or appliance to another. For each type of plug connector and outlet, it is identified by “Sheet” followed by a letter (e.g. E, F, I, J).

The most commonly used IEC 60320 plug connectors and outlets at Interpower are: Sheet E and Sheet F, Sheet I and Sheet J.

IEC 60320 Appliance and Interconnection Couplers Chart

Sometimes a visual aid, such as a chart or diagram, helps to explain each part. For a complete list of IEC 60320 connectors, inlets, plug connectors, and outlets, see the Interpower IEC 60320 Appliance and Interconnection Couplers chart.

Correct Component Application

The following diagram shows how a cord set and a jumper cord set can be used with IEC 60320 components.

correct component application

Additional Resources

See the complete line of IEC 60320 components available at Interpower. See also the Featured Product page.

Interpower offers free technical support. For further assistance, please see Interpower’s contact information below.

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