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Selecting Between a Circuit Breaker and a Fuse

Posted on 2/17/20 10:30 AM

Circuit protection: an important element in electronic or electrical products. Usually in the form of a circuit breaker or a fuse, there are similarities and differences to note in deciding which one to use.

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Topics: fuses, product design, designing for export, circuit breaker

New Product Designs Can Benefit a Company

Posted on 2/3/20 8:07 AM

A successful new product design can be a valuable asset to a company.

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Topics: product design, testing, designing for export

Doing Business in a Global Market

Posted on 1/13/20 4:36 PM

Excellent business opportunities are possible in global markets, but it is important to be knowledgeable in the desired country’s standards. Each country has its own import/export requirements, so due diligence is needed to determine the regulations in order to successfully market a product in a specific country.

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Topics: safety agency, product design, designing for export

IEC 60320 Components Have Global Advantages

Posted on 11/18/19 5:07 PM

Advantages of IEC 60320 components: they can be used globally, plus they can be included in many different  electrical products.

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Topics: product design, designing for export, IEC 60320

Choosing a Power Cord or Cord Set

Posted on 9/23/19 10:40 AM

Selecting the appropriate power cord or cord set starts with knowing who the end user will be. Due to a variety of standards and different plug patterns used throughout the world, it is essential to know what is needed per that country’s requirements.

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Topics: cord set, product design, power cord

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