Interpower® Manufactures Newly Designed Japanese 12A/125VAC Medical Cord Set

Posted on 5/28/24 10:26 AM


Interpower recently received updated approvals for its new Japanese 12A/125VAC hospital-grade power cord set. With a Japanese hospital-grade plug on one end, and an IEC 60320 C13 connector on the opposite end of 3x1.25 mm² VCTF cable, the Japanese hospital-grade cord set is ready to use right out of the box. A major benefit of the cord set is how the newly designed plug offers more flexibility in manufacturing custom cord length and color options.

old-vrs-new-japanese-hg-plug The new Japanese hospital-grade plug offers a sleek body style as opposed to the previous round design. Another major change is the solid ground pin as opposed to the U-shaped pin adding more durability to the plug’s grounding. The plug’s standard color has also changed to a lighter shade of gray.


Japanese Hospital-Grade-new-with-dot-close

New style plug with solid pin

Japanese Hospital-Grade-plugold-version-2024

Old style plug with U-shaped pin

The IEC 60320 C13 connector on the opposite end matches the light gray of the plug. One difference in the new Japanese hospital-grade C13 connector is its approval markings have moved from the standard mark to the alternate mark.

The standard “PSE” approval mark inside a triangle appears on the plug, but if there’s not enough available space on the plug or connector, the alternate “<PS>E” approval mark will take its place.

Another change is in the VCTF cable. The ground conductor color switches from yellow/green to green. However, it is acceptable to still use the yellow/green conductors. And while the size of the Japanese cable remains the same (3x1.25 mm²), the new cable is manufactured by Interpower, which is printed on the outside of the jacketed cord.


Example of old conductor colors with yellow/green conductor


Example of new conductor colors with green conductor

It’s important to remember that the mains power in America is 125V while in Japan it is 100V. The voltage difference is manageable with a step-down converter, but there is an Alternate Current cycle difference as well: in America, the AC cycle is 60Hz, and in Japan it is both 60Hz and 50Hz depending on where you are in Japan. Conveniently, the cycles are divided by the Fuji River as a geographical reference point: on the eastern side (Tokyo, Yokohama) 50 Hz is used; on the western side (Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima), 60 Hz is used. mains-foltages-japan

Caution is warranted when switching from one cycle to another. If you plug a 50Hz into a 60Hz main and the appliance has a heating element or motor, the motor could burn out.

In Japan, cords, plugs, and sockets must carry the PSE approval mark under DENAN, a Japan Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) mandate. JET is the Japanese testing agency. The part number for the new cord set with a C13 connector is 86277300, and it comes with a 1‑week U.S. manufacturing lead‑time.


Our safety-conscious cord clips are available on 3x1.25mm² VCTF Japanese cable, and 3x1.00mm² H05VV-F cable. Interpower cord clips can be molded near the plug to clip excess cord, enhancing workplace security. The cord clips are constructed of a glass-reinforced polypropylene resin compound to ensure molding consistency and optimal retention, and can be molded onto both types of Japanese cable. cord-clips-molded-300x300

Advantages of Interpower’s new Japanese hospital-grade cord set:

  • Japanese hospital-grade cord set with a PSE-approved plug bearing the “green dot”
  • Internal stainless steel clamp rings to ensure conductor retention
  • Customized lengths and colors
  • Reinforced solid ground pin

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