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Argentina, Australia, and China Standard 10A/250V Plugs & Sockets Have Similar Features, But What are Some Critical Differences?

Posted on 10/27/20 4:17 PM

As their standard plug, Argentina, Australia, and China all use the Class I, 10A/250VAC plugs with an Alternate Current (AC) cycle of 50Hz. All three countries have similar plug patterns. All three countries use the international color code for its three conductors: green/yellow (ground), light blue (neutral), and brown (line). And both Argentina and Australia plugs are connected to H05VV-F cable (Harmonized, 300-400V, PVC, Flexible cable) while the China cable is RVV (PVC insulated flexible cable under IEC 60227-5).

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Topics: designing for export, plugs & sockets, international plug and socket patterns

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