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Posted on 5/20/19 8:12 AM

Country Specific Socket Strips

A socket strip distributes electrical power through multiple sockets. It can be used to provide multiple sources of power (sockets) in an application with limited socket access. A socket strip can assist in meeting a need when only a single power source is available, but there are multiple pieces of equipment needing that power source. 

Other names for a socket strip include a power distribution unit, a RPT (relocatable power tap), a power strip, a power bar, and a power board.


The socket strip has several primary components that guide and control the power. Following are a few of the definitions relating to a socket strip.


The moving part of a switch that applies the operating force to open or close the contacts in the circuit path. Actuators may be a rocker, toggle, push-button, or another type of a mechanical device.

Input Power Cord

Electrical power enters the socket strip through a country-specific input power cord.

On/Off Power Switch

An electrical component that can open or close the path of an electrical circuit with a simple mechanical motion by means of an actuator. This allows the operator to turn the electricity ON or OFF at the person’s discretion.

Overcurrent Protection

An overcurrent protector limits the amount of current in the entire system. This protects equipment in the system against drawing too much current and causing a fire or shock hazard. This can take the form of supplementary circuit protection, often in the form of a circuit breaker. This can be a stand-alone or in combination with a switch. The circuit breaker adds overcurrent protection for the socket strip and the equipment connected to the socket strip.

Rack Unit

A rack unit is a unit of measure that describes the height of electronic equipment designed to mount in a 19-inch rack. It is also known as “U” or “RU.” 1U=1.75 inches of height.


The rating on a socket strip is based on the country’s product safety standards and the application. Ratings are listed in voltage and amperage. A rating covers the whole socket strip, not just individual components.

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Interpower’s mission is to make it easy to design, build, and maintain products for global markets. Interpower’s country-specific socket strips can be used in Australia, Continental Europe, France/Belgium, North America, and the United Kingdom. See also the Featured Product page for more details.

Interpower offers free technical support. For further assistance, please see Interpower’s contact information below.

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