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Crimping Your Conductors Without Cramping Your Quality

Posted on 12/14/21 9:48 AM

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Topics: product design, designing for export, power cord, conductor crimping, crimps

Calculating Voltage Drop

Posted on 11/15/21 4:12 PM

Calculating Voltage Drop is Critical in the Application of your Electrical design. Using longer cord lengths in your electrical design may become problematic enough to pose potential dangers. When cable length is 50 feet or longer, voltage drop in cable occurs—the resistance in the copper measured per foot—causing heat buildup.

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Topics: electrical safety, voltage drop, product design, designing for export, power cord

Incorporating Ferrites in Electrical Designs

Posted on 6/21/21 1:59 PM

Electrical equipment emitting signals and their various frequencies can create enough Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) to interfere with or even damage nearby equipment.

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Topics: electrical safety, product design, ferrites

The Value of Socket Strips

Posted on 12/22/20 7:57 AM

A socket strip is a stand-alone electrical product containing several power sources (sockets) to provide equipment electrical connectivity by way of a country-specific AC input cord. Socket strips allow one or several machines to receive power in one or multiple strips.

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Topics: product design, modules, designing for export

Benefits of Using a Power Entry Module in Your Electrical Design

Posted on 12/7/20 4:18 PM

A module is a device that combines multiple functions into a single unit to control power entry. There are several reasons to choose a module over individual components that are installed piecemeal. When choosing a module in your design, the first step is deciding which functions or components your module should contain. Typically an Interpower module offers two to five functions: an inlet, outlet, switch, circuit protection, voltage selector, and a filter.

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Topics: product design, modules, designing for export

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