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Switches: Markings, Types, and Safety Considerations

Posted on 7/15/19 7:57 AM

From being used on a vacuum cleaner to being used on a life-support machine, the purpose of a switch is to open and close a circuit. A switch is used when incoming power in an electrical product design needs to be controlled. Opening a circuit (turning a device OFF) is achieved by breaking the connection. This interrupts the current flow. Closing the circuit (turning a device ON) allows the current to flow again.

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Topics: electrical safety, product design, switches

Simplifying the Power Entry Element into a Single Unit

Posted on 6/3/19 7:58 AM

When designing electrical products, one way to simplify the power entry element is by incorporating a module, which combines power entry functions into a single unit. Even though these functions are available as individual components, the benefits of a module include user safety, reduced individual component inventory, decreased assembly labor, and saved panel space.

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Topics: product design, modules, designing for export

Socket Strip Definitions

Posted on 5/20/19 8:12 AM

A socket strip distributes electrical power through multiple sockets. It can be used to provide multiple sources of power (sockets) in an application with limited socket access. A socket strip can assist in meeting a need when only a single power source is available, but there are multiple pieces of equipment needing that power source. 

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Topics: product design, designing for export, country specific socket strips

Importance of Testing During the Design Phase

Posted on 5/6/19 8:00 AM

Testing during the design process in product development is crucial. If the new product will be distributed in worldwide markets, then using an AC power source is one way to test that product at various voltages and frequencies.

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Topics: product design, testing, designing for export, International Power Source, AC Power Source

Designing with Accessory Power Components

Posted on 4/22/19 8:13 AM

  One way to design electrical products for use in global markets is to incorporate accessory power distribution components. Those based on the IEC 60320 standards can help make it so no reconfiguration will be needed by the end user.

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Topics: product design, designing for export, IEC 60320, IEC 60320 inlets, IEC 60320 outlets