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Electrical Cord & Component Manufacturing, Accessory Power, and Warehousing

Posted on 1/23/23 8:35 AM

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Topics: designing for export, Accessory Power, supply chain, Global Markets

Interpower® Healthy Hospital-grade Power: NEMA 5-15, 5-20, 6-15, & 6-20 Cords

Posted on 12/22/22 8:30 AM

So, how are hospital-grade cords like bottlenecked supply chains? The longer the cord or the chain, the slower the “cargo” is transported whether electrons or goods.

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Topics: Designing for North America, hospital-grade cords, North American Hospital-Grade Cords, Hospital-Grade Testing

From Bare Wire to Eye-candy Resins—An American Electrical Cable and Cord Set Manufacturer Holds the Line

Posted on 11/21/22 8:21 AM

Before cord sets are ready to be boxed for shipping, the colorants used in the resins, and the shiny brass and alloys of blades and pins may often resemble an electrical work of art that catches the eye—especially the orange and red cord sets preferred by Australian and Denmark hospitals respectively. Or maybe it’s a clear molded plug, or a hand-wired plug where one can see inside to tell whether every wire retains electrical continuity around the stainless steel ring that binds the conductors. Even standard colors like black and gray offer a semblance of eye candy while manufactured to carry hundreds of volts to equipment across multiple environments.

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Topics: cable, USA Made Products, product development

Wing-clipped Port of Los Angeles TEUs Plummeted 17% in August

Posted on 10/18/22 9:41 AM

East and Gulf Coast Ports Overtake West Coast in Imports The backlash at America’s largest seaport seemed inevitable. Not that many months ago, upwards of 120 ghost ships languished well off L.A.’s coastline waiting to berth and offload cargo.

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Topics: designing for export, USA Made Products, shipping, manufacturing

Bend Radius and Strain Reliefs/Cable Glands

Posted on 9/19/22 12:24 PM

Cable is made up of resins and metals that are vital parts of making a world-class power cord or cord set. If cable materials are damaged, the result could be loss of electrical continuity or shortened lifespan. Making sure you know the recommended minimum bend radius for cable is critical to the performance and longevity of the cable.

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Topics: cable glands, strain reliefs, bend radius

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