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Incorporating Ferrites in Electrical Product Designs

Posted on 5/22/18 10:12 AM

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Topics: product design, EMI

Medical Design. Quality. Safety.

Posted on 5/7/18 11:39 AM

Every day can be critical in a medical setting. Because one of the most important elements is safety, it is crucial to design hospital-grade products with quality components.

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Topics: testing, Hospital-Grade Products, Designing for North America

Designing with a Rocker Switch

Posted on 4/23/18 1:30 PM

A switch is an electrical component on a piece of equipment that may be used when incoming power needs to be controlled. From being used on a vacuum cleaner to a life-support machine, the purpose of a switch is to open and close a circuit. Opening a circuit (turns a device OFF) is achieved by breaking a connection in the circuit. This stops current flow. Closing the circuit (turns a device ON) allows the current to flow again.

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Topics: product design, rocker switch

Design Strategies with Fuses

Posted on 4/9/18 2:00 PM

When designing a new electrical or electronic equipment product, an important factor to determine is circuit protection. The main function is to provide protection to both the equipment and the equipment operator in the event of a circuit overload.

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Topics: circuit protection, fuses, product design

Designing with Circuit Protection

Posted on 3/26/18 1:00 PM

Built-in circuit protection is often a major design component in electrical and electronic equipment. The main purpose is to protect both the equipment and the equipment operator from an electrical power overload.

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Topics: circuit protection, product design, circuit breaker

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